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11 Apr 2017 09:29 #3664 by oestek
oestek replied the topic: Re:1964 Chevy Nova 400 2 door sedan

gorjo wrote:

My first 3D printed part from the new 3D printer. It is printed in ABS plastic and contains one magnet and one dummy washer to give one pulse per rev of the driveshaft.

Since the trans is converted to drive a mechanical speedo, a speed signal for the ECU
was needed. The stock VSS sent a signal to the Astro gaugecluster where it was converted in to 2000 pulse per mile.

This collar contains one magnet that gives the ECU approx 2700 ppm which is close enough to get the converter lockup to work ok, and to enable highway mode for the ECU.

Nice job! Does the part work as designed? It's cool to see a useful part made with the 3D printer to solve a problem. Thanks for the update!

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29 Apr 2017 05:05 #3718 by fbk289
fbk289 replied the topic: 1964 Chevy Nova 400 2 door sedan
Hi Gorjo,

I've just come across your posts, I didn't know they sold chevys in Sweden back in the 60's!

I'm looking forward to reading about your car in more detail, did I read something about Volvo parts somewhere?


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02 May 2017 08:21 #3728 by gorjo
gorjo replied the topic: 1964 Chevy Nova 400 2 door sedan
The magnetic collar works great, I will be interesting to see if it will last in that

Nice to see that someone reads my posts!
American cars have always been popular in Sweden, and the carhobby is widespread
Check out
Our long dark winters means that there are plenty of time to restore or modify cars and
the short summer time is fullt booked with car shows.

And of course we tend to use Volvo parts, they are usually well made and readily available :-)
Right now I am working to attach chevy boltpattern wheels to the Volvo spindles.
I will post some more info on that shortly.


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24 Nov 2017 02:56 #3930 by gorjo
gorjo replied the topic: 1964 Chevy Nova 400 2 door sedan
The Nova project is moving forward despite my lack of updates, but it has lost some momentum since the summer is a quite busy period for me and my shop.

Fitting Chevy rims to the Volvo hubs was not an easy task. Drilling the
hubs with the 4 3/4 boltpattern left very little margin to the edge of the small Volvo hub.
And it created another problem, the rims interfered with the brake calipers! One solution
would have been to add spacers, but having the rotors drilled so close to the edge and
then add spacers did not feel right.
So I found another solution, spacers that converts the 4 1/2 bolt pattern to 4 3/4 and
creates clearance for the calipers as well. By using 6x14 rims on the front the full steering
angle of the Volvo suspension can be used, now it has the turning radius of a Volvo 240
without any tire scrub!

Another thing was the high pedal effort needed to stop, Brakes was kind of ok but these days we are used to stop our cars effortlessly! And the rear brakes still had a tendency
to lock up before the front brakes, which can create an interesting situation during panic stops. (Not that My wife ever do panic stops :-) )
During a trip over the pond to the Fall Carlisle swap meet we found an 8 inch dual diaphragm power booster (To replace the inadequate 7 inch unit ) and a disc/drum proportioning valve that I plumbed in together with the adjustable valve to the rear, and now the brakes are decent.

And I have finally found the source of what I thought was a exhaust system rattle when going
over bumps. After rechecking exhaust mounting and clearance about a million times
I realized that the only thing in the entire chassis that was not checked or replaced was the
front bushings of the rear leafsprings!
Upon examining these bushings I found that one leaf was broken in the front eye!
New springs where ordered and then I noticed that the other spring front hardware was welded
to the spring mount. The springs are now replaced and mounted with new hardware and there
is no banging when going over bumps anymore.

Right now all new sheetmetal (Left door, front fenders and trunklid) is a the painters shop
to receive a coat of paint that matches the rest of the car. Reason for not painting the entire
car at this stage is that I feel that then it will never hit the road. (A typical case of trying
to avoid the "might as well" syndrome). We will paint the entire car in the future but there are
more bodywork to be done first and now we want to be able to get it on the road.

We have also received the original upholstery cloth and vinyl from SMS autofabrics and we are on
the upholsterers waiting list to get the front and rear seats reupholstered.


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