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12 Mar 2019 13:22 #4265 by oestek
oestek replied the topic: 1968 el Camino Malibu

Ben wrote: Hey Kevin, I was almost there!

My mechanic who's painting the car and starting the engine asked me to wet sand the panels to 800 grit so more work to do there, he also suggested installing Air Conditioning now if I was ever considering it so down the rabbit hole we go again B)

I went with an underdash setup from Old Air, unfortunately the brackets for the compressor wouldn't line up with one hole in the head and with no other solution apart from drilling/tapping another hole (which I wasn't prepared to do) I made up an adapter plate from some aluminium I sourced from a local supplier. Job done :P

Next was the addition of some thermofans for the radiator as the old flex fan is not ideal and I think they look pretty neat too.

The installation of the condenser was a tight sqeeze but we got her in there and check out that 130 db horn!

So still a fair bit to go with the AirCon installation but I'm really enjoying it which is the main thing. Looking forward to that tea party with the Mad Hatter when this is all done.

Nice work on the air conditioning bracket adapter, interesting to see why that one didn't work, but looks like you landed on a solution! And I agree, now is the time to add air with the fender off, it's a much quicker job that way. Good work!

Kevin Oeste
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15 Mar 2019 05:58 - 15 Mar 2019 07:15 #4266 by Ben
Ben replied the topic: 1968 el Camino Malibu
Thanks Kevin,

My hunch is that it's the hole placement on the heads and not a bracket issue.

The aircon lines are crimped to length and all that's left now is a little wiring and we're done here.

I couldn't see a neater way to route the hoses through the firewall here without them going too close to the headers.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of this, especially the problem solving side of things and as always I really appreciate your feedback Kevin.

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