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14 Sep 2015 09:17 - 16 Sep 2015 09:01 #1448 by oestek
Here are some pics of the first restoration of the Camaro back in ‘98. It was a complete tear-down and repaint, with the Lingenfelter SB2 small-block and FAST XFI Fuel Injection installed in the restored subframe.

The car enjoyed a lot of positive feedback, including this article in Hot Rod Magazine by Terry McGean.

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16 Sep 2015 09:02 #1451 by oestek
Overall, the car is in really good shape. It is not rusty, the floors are solid, and the body is pretty straight.

The COMP team does not want a show car that requires special care and attention, rather, they want a nice and clean Camaro that looks and performs well to showcase their latest products as they cruise on road-going events all over the US. This car might also be used for some R&D for new COMP product offerings.

The fit is basically original, and the car has a few dings and dents. They wish to keep the overall scheme of the car, with the white exterior, black stripes, black top, and RS package.

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28 Sep 2015 13:39 #1537 by oestek
Or strategy to restore this Camaro is a little different considering our timeframe is short. The body appears to be in very good condition, so we began by disassembling the interior and some of the exterior items on the car. Kelle removed the lights, wiring, bumpers, trim, etc.

Typically, we would disassemble the car all the way to a bare shell on a complete restoration. In this case, however, we intend to leave the body shell assembled so that it can go into the bodywork process faster. The other consideration is that COMP isn’t looking for an over-the-top show car with this one. They want a very clean, detailed, COMPetent car that will make for a great platform to showcase their family of products. This means we can approach the car differently than a show car.

Original A/C car

RS vacuum cannister and the “cocktail shakers”, convertible only dampers designed to minimize vibration and chassis oscillation.

We want to keep this thing as a roller so that our body shop can mechanically strip the paint with D. A. sanders, perform any metalwork needed, adjust panels for fit, and begin the bodywork process.

The glass was removed, but we noted the rich history of events in which this car has participated!

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28 Sep 2015 14:09 - 28 Sep 2015 14:13 #1538 by oestek
The car came in riding on a brand-new Heidt’s front subframe. The hard brake lines have been run, the suspension is in-place save for the coil-over shock and spring assemblies, and the brakes are assembled.

However, the rear suspension left something to be desired. It was a scratch built 4-link design installed long before any “kit” type 4-link suspension systems were available for these cars. In addition, the MIG welder must have been out of shielding gas, as we discovered that the welds were very porous on the brackets.

The existing rear suspension is not something you’d want behind 600+ horsepower!

The control arm mounting tabs were also scratch-built, and were made from thin steel that did not inspire confidence to drive this car hard. The car does have a Currie 9-inch rear axle assembly, which we will re-use with the new rear suspension.

With the Camaro on the lift, our team disassembled the rear 4-link removed the welded on mounts from the frame.

We will be replacing the rear suspension with a new 4-link kit from Heidt’s.. The kit is very complete and claims to be a mostly bolt-in installation. It uses brackets that attach to the frame rails to mount the 4-links, a bolt-in cross member for the shock mounts, and weld-on control arm brackets on the rear axle housing. It also uses a panhard bar to locate the rear axle laterally. Rear suspension control is handled by a set of adjustable coil over shocks absorbers and a splined stabilizer bar.

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28 Sep 2015 17:09 #1540 by Qball
Wow, that sure is some 'interesting' fab work.


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29 Sep 2015 19:17 #1542 by oestek

Qball wrote: Wow, that sure is some 'interesting' fab work.

Well, it did last over 15 years, and it was behind a 600+ HP Lingenfelter SB2 V8, so it wasn't THAT bad! We're pretty glad it's getting a tune-up, however!

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