1967 Camaro Body and Paint Restoration

A smooth and shiny restoration starts long before the paint is sprayed. Properly fitting body panels, crash damage and rust repair, and attention to detail in the bodywork all contribute to a precise fit and a shiny finish. In this two part video series, we transform a damaged and disassembled 1967 Camaro with some new body panels from Classic Industries, and go through the body work process with Evercoat Quantum1 body filler and Super Build 4:1 sprayable polyester primer / surfacer. The final stages include spraying the custom three tone paint job, polishing and buffing. This is a 2 part video series, part two after the break!

Check out the photos of this process here!






Body Filler can either be your best friend or worst enemy when restoring your Muscle Car, but how is this mysterious substance both good and bad at the same time? And what is this stuff, anyway? In this 3-part V8TV video series, we take a look at what body filler is, how it should be used, and why it has such a good and bad reputation at the same time. We show the differences between traditional body filler and new technology fillers like Evercoat Quantum1 and the proper mix ratios and techniques of each as we work on our 1967 Camaro.   Restoration and custom paint is different from regular auto body repair, and so are the techniques.   Weather you perform stock or custom auto bodywork, this series should help you out.  

Watch all 3 videos in this playlist!