Hydratech Brake Booster Install Video V8TV
One area of Muscle Car performance that remains tricky is the braking system. Sometimes, even cars equipped with upgraded brakes donít stop as well as you want them to. We found a solution to this problem and a couple others in the form of a Hydroboost brake booster.   Click Read More to see the video!
Holley Carburetor Tuning Tips
Holley carburators are simple machines, but if they're not Tuned properly, they won't deliver all the performance they're capable of. We hooked up with Jeff Schwartz for a few tricks he uses to make sure there are no stumbles, bogs, or hiccups related to the tune on a Holley Performance Products 850 CFM Double Pumper carburetor.    Click Read More for photos and the video!
Scarebird Disc Brakes on 1962 Buick Electra

Disc brakes were not available back in 1962, so we’re retrofitting these onto the Buick with the help of some brackets from Scarebird Mechanical, and the remaining parts from RockAuto.com. Scarebird makes rake brackets to converts lots of ‘60s cars to disc brakes using factory components, and RockAuto is a great online parts resource.   Click Read More for details and the video!

In this series, we swap out an anemic 350 for a Fast Times Motorworks built 383, featuring Edelbrock heads, a Comp roller cam, MSD Igntion, ARP hardware, Crane rockers, a Holley carb, Royal Purple fluids, and a bunch of other speed goodies.    

http://www.v8speedshop.com - Here's a quick update video from the V8 Speed & Resto Shop, where body tech Craig takes us through the beginning of a patch for a 1970 El Camino restoration in progress.   You can see photos of this car at http://www.v8tvshow.com/photos .