V8 Radio Problem Child Kustoms Interview

On this episode, we hang with Brian Stupski, the artist behind Problem Child Kustoms and Studio PCK hot rod design.   The episode starts off innocently enough, discussing car design renderings, big shows like SEMA, and building cars... then takes a fowl turn into custom van weirdness.   At any rate, Brian is a good friend of ours and a tremendous designer, and we're lucky to be able to spend some time with him... no matter how weird things get.   Check out some of his work below, and more at http://www.problemchildkustoms.com.   Oh yeah, and that is my old van in the pics below... 

V8 Radio's hosts Kevin Oeste and Mike Clarke cover the classic car scene from a regular car guy perspective. Topics include cool car events, goings on in the V8 Speed and Resto Shop and V8TV, and the state of their own classic car projects. Throw in a couple trivia questions and lots of unplanned banter, and you have a fun laid-back show that makes a perfect companion to your own garage adventures.


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In this episode, we share the entire interview with Stan Antlocer, former driver and owner of the "World's Fastest Pontiac Tempest".    We featured Stan and the Tempest in a Muscle Car Of The Week video, but this V8 Radio podcast contains all the stories from the full interview.    To say Stan has been around the block a few times is an understatement... we're fortunate he shared some of his stories with us.  

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