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1955 Chevy Gasser Mr. Chevy and Hauler at SEMA 2014 V8TV Video
See the video on Mr. Chevy at Mr. Chevy Nut website at Restoration Photos of the Hauler: The SEMA show is often equated with new parts, as it is THE show where all the new stuff is unveiled. However, this year, we brought out a vintage 1955 Chevy Gasser race car and hauler to share w...
FBS Stripe Tape Demos with Steve DeMan and Nub at SEMA 2014 Video V8TV - At this year's SEMA show, uber-talented custom painters Steve DeMan and Nub took some time to show us a custom '59 Impala and a trick bobber custom Harley and gave us some tips on how to lay out trick stripes using FBS tapes.
New C&R Radiators Ford Mustang 5.0 SEMA 2014 V8TV Video - 314-783-8325 C&R Racing builds cooling components for NASCAR, so it was only a matter of time before they developed a line of high performance parts for the street market. Here they show us a new cooling module to retrofit 5.0 Coyote engines into early 1965-1970 Mustangs that feature integral oil and steering coolers. We also see a line of ...
MSD Air Force LS and LT1 Intake Manifolds SEMA 2014 Video V8TV - 314-783-8325 - The LS engine platform is constantly evolving, and MSD just pushed it a little farther with the introduction of the new Air Force intake manifolds. These are designed to offer more power and flexibility to engine builders through an improved runner design, integral nitrous oxide nozzle bosses, and more. They also debuted a new intake for the Corvette L...
Problem Child Kustoms' Brian Stupski Interview SEMA 2014 V8TV Video Great custom cars come from great designs, and we have the pleasure of speaking with Brian Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms about his latest car designs at the 2014 SEMA show including the 1969 Torino built by Rad Rides by Troy. Also in this video, we also unveil our new V8 Speed and Resto Shop T-s...
DEI Header Wrap How-To at SEMA 2014 V8TV Video - 314-783-8325 - Header wrapping used to be somewhat of a black art. The goal is to keep the hot exhaust gases flowing, and wrapping the pipes with an insulating barrier helps keep the heat in. The side benefit is that properly wrapped headers can help keep under hood temperatures down as well. The challenge is to use the proper material and wrap the headers so that they ar...
New ARP Hardware at SEMA 2014 V8TV Video
ARP has always been known as the fasteners you use IN your engine, but now they are braching out to be the fasteners you use ON your engine as well. Case in point: ARP brought out new supercharger pulley bolt kits that are a high-polish 12 point satinless to hold strong and look good. Their booth was home to a freshly finished 1969 Camaro built by Detroit Speed which was wearing ARP hardwar...
2014 SEMA Coverage: Mark Stielow Hellfire Camaro Video V8TV - 314-783-8325 - In this feature, Kelle chats with Mark Stielow about his latest 1969 Camaro called "Hellfire", featuring an LS9 supercharged LS7 and a full Anvil carbon Fiber front clip.
SEMA 2014 Setup Day V8TV Video Preview - 314-783-8325 - The V8TV Cameras are rolling at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas! We'll be posting videos and photos all week at, be sure to check them out for all the latest parts and feature cars from SEMA!
V8TV 2014 SEMA Show Video Coverage Preview Video - We're bringing you coverage from the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas all week, including the coolest cars, latest high performance and restoration parts, and other fun sights from the show. This year, we brought the Mr. Chevy gasser and hauler to display, and we'll show you those, also! Subscribe today to stay on top of all the action from SEMA 2014!
New Steering Columns from Ididit at 2014 SEMA Show V8TV Video - Ididit, Inc. brought out some new steering column applications at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, including highly-anticipated retrofit tilt columns for Ford Falcons and Broncos. Here, we learn about these new parts as well as some insight on how to properly measure for a custom column for any application.
1955 Chevy Gasser "Mr Chevy" In Hot Rod Magazine SEMA 2014 Coverage-Video - We were pretty stoked to see the 1955 Chevy gasser "Mr. Chevy" and hauler featured in this month's Hot Rod Magazine! Learn more about Mr. Chevy at
Dakota Digital Dashes And Components at SEMA 2014 V8TV Video - 314-783-8325-We learned a bunch from our friends at Dakota Digital at this year's SEMA show. They have been expanding their line of retrofit VHX gauge clusters, in addition to adding additional items to assist the installation of modern drivelines into vintage cars.
Hooker LS Swap Exhaust Systems And Engine Mounts at SEMA 2014 Video V8TV
Holley Performance Products seems to be on a mission to make swapping the GM LS engine into classic muscle cars easier than ever. At the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Holley demonstrated new exhaust systems from Hooker as well as LS engine swap kits for a variety of Muscle Cars.
OPGI 1963 Cadillac Eldorado at 2014 SEMA Show Video V8TV
This year, Original Parts Group, Inc. brought out an unbelievable 1963 Cadillac Eldorado Hardtop that is freshly restored for the 2014 SEMA show! All tolled, they estimate 25% of the restoration parts on this car are now available from OPGI. The car is extremely rare, as there are only an estimated 9-12 '63 Eldorado Hardtops ever built!
New MagnaFlow Exhaust Applications, Products, & Coatings at SEMA 2014 Video V8TV
MagnaFlow Exhaust Products strives to be ahead of the curve when it comes to bringing out performance exhaust systems for the latest cars and trucks, and at the 2014 SEMA show, the were all over the 2015 models. In this video, Rich Waitas takes us through the new applications for Mustangs, F150s, Corvettes, and Harleys with their Arlen Ness line, as well as shows us some new coatings for MagnaF...
Ringbrothers 1966 Chevelle "Recoil" at 2014 SEMA Show Video V8TV - Ringbrothers are constantly raising the bar when it comes to innovative design and performance, and the 1966 Chevelle "Recoil" does it again. Here, Kelle and Mike Ring take a few moments to go over "Recoil" and point out the extensive body modifications, design elements, and the 1000 horsepower driveline!
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Kicker Audio 1950 Studebaker Video V8TV - 314-783-8325 - V8 Speed & Resto Shop painter JJ Richey spent some time checking out a killer '50 Studebaker done in steampunk style at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Although it was last century in style, it hides the latest in audio technology.
ARP Diesel Fastener Spot
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Pure Vision 1972 Camaro Interview Steve Strope Video V8TV - 314-783-8325 - Trevor Spence took some time to learn all he could about the 1000+ Horsepower twin-turbo '72 Camaro built by Steve Strope and the crew at Pure Vision. The car did very well at SEMA, and even won a 2013 GM Design Award.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Rocket Racing Wheels - Rocket Racing Wheels brought out some cool new retro-themed wheels to the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Here, David Coker takes us around the Rocket Fire and the Rocket Solid wheels and the various finishes available on each.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: HEMI-Powered 1951 Henry J "RollinaJ" - 314-783-8325 - V8TV Camera Operator / Video Editor Mark Vironda picked Ted Dzus' 1951 Henry J, also know as "RollinaJ" as his favorite ride at the 2013 SEMA show. Besides the bright School Bus Yellow paint, this llittle J features big power with a huge HEMI under the hood. Ted plans to drive the car, but we'll let him tell you all about it in this video.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Aeromotive Phantom Fuel System - 314-783-8325 - Aeromotive has completely changed the game again with their newest addition to the Stealth Fuel System line-up. The Phantom Fuel System is a complete kit that gives you everything you need to install a fuel pump and baffle / basket into almost ANY fuel tank. In this video, we talk to Jared Cox about their award winning Phantom Fuel System.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: 1950 Chevy Custom Video V8TV - 314-783-8325 - Eric Helton is a fabricator in the V8 Speed & Resto Shop, and his pick of the 2013 SEMA show was this slick '50 Chevy built by So Cal Suspension.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Karl Kustom's Retro Corvette Video V8TV
We asked everyone in the V8 Speed & Resto Shop crew to pick a favorite car at the 2013 SEMA Show. Body Technician, Zac Lehnen, picked this beautiful Corvette with a retro body kit from Karl Kustoms.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: ISIS Power Systems inTOUCH NET - ISIS brought out an awesome 1967 LS1-powered Camaro to the 2013 SEMA Show, and we got the tour with Jay Harris. This car is wired with their 3-Cell Kit, inMOTION, inVIRONMENT, inLINK and the new inTOUCH NET system. InTOUCH NET completely changes the way that you can interface with your car.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Classic Industries Pace Cars and Dick Harrell 1969 Camaro V8TV - 314-783-8325 - Classic Industries not only makes and sells restoration parts, but they also are avid car collectors and supporters of the hobby. In this video, Mark Vogt brings us up to speed on the collection of Camaro Pace Cars owned by Classic Industries, as well as the 1969 Dick Harrell Camaro on display in their SEMA booth. Oh yeah, t
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Synthetic Oil Tech with Royal Purple V8TV - We spoke with Jared Martin at the 2013 SEMA show about some of the popular misconceptions of synthetic engine oil, as well as some of the latest products from Royal Purple including Max-Tane diesel additive and Max-Boost octane booster.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Mittler Brothers Fabrication Tools Quad Press V8TV - Mittler Brothers brought out some new fabrication tools at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas, and Mike Mittler showed Kelle the Quad Press and the oval press, and triangle press dies. Next he showed us the Stitching Rolls and Rounding Rolls for the bead roller, and also gave us some pointers on how to use these fabrication tools.
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Steve Deman & FBS Stripe Tapes - 314-783-8325 - Steve Deman is an awesome designer/painter. The custom paint on the Impala he brought to the FBS Booth at the 2013 SEMA Show is impressive to say the least. In this video, Kelle talks with Steve about the FBS line of tapes and how they help him achieve incredible custom paint jobs!
2013 SEMA Video Coverage: Rear Axle Tech With John Currie from Currie Enterprises V8TV - 314-783-8325 - Currie Enterprises has been building high-performance rear axles and assemblies for years, and we spoke with John Currie at the 2013 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas about some of their latest parts and considerations when choosing a rear axle for your hot rod or Muscle Car.
1969 Camaro ZR9 MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation Tips Video V8TV - We're building a 1969 Camaro featuring an 804 horsepower LS9 supercharged LS7 427-based MAST built V8, and we needed it to breathe freely! Our solution was to install a MagnaFlow 3" stainless exhaust system. Starting with a kit built specifically for a '69 Camaro, we added some pieces to snake the tail pipes around the Detroit Speed QUADRALink rear suspension. Th...
2013 SEMA Show Video Coverage: Dakota Digital VHX Gauge Systems V8TV - 314-783-8325 - Trevor Spence talks with Scott Johnson about the latest in gauge technology and design from Dakota Digital at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Dakota offers a variety of pre-made dash panels complete with their VHX gauge system to make it easy to upgrade instruments in classic and Muscle Cars.
2013 SEMA Video Coverage: Holley Performance Products LS Intakes, Pan, Conversion Parts V8TV
Each year at the SEMA show, Holly Performance Products debuts new goodies to make your car perform better. This year, Liz Miles showed us a range of GM LS engine parts including intake manifolds and oil pans to help convert your muscle car to LS power. Also new are some complete conversion packages making it easy to install and LS engine into your second generation Camaro Firebird. The carburetor ...
2013 SEMA Video Coverage: Fuller AWD 1932 Ford Roadster
We tasked each of the V8 Speed & Resto Shop crew members with picking their favorite car at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas. In this video, fabricator Adam Schulte talks with Brian Fuller about this edgy four-wheel-drive 32 Ford project.
2013 SEMA Video Coverage: Gear Vendors and Sick Seconds Camaro V8TV
Hot Rod Magazine Created an event called Drag Week in which honest-to-goodness race cars compete at a dragstrip, and then drive to the next track carrying all their supplies and crew on board to race again in a different city the next day every day for a week. If it sounds far fetched, that's because the idea itself is pretty crazy. This year, the fastest car was this amazing 1969 Camaro called Si...
2013 SEMA Video Coverage: Ringbrothers 1971 Pantera "Adrenlin" Royal Purple Display V8TV - 314-783-8325 - Ringbrothers have been bringing next-level customs to the SEMA show for years. This year, they debuted a mind-blowing 1971 DeTomaso Pantera that looks as if it was manufactured today. Kelle interviews Mike Ring about this retro-modern exotic with an awesome story!
2013 SEMA Video Coverage: 1966 Imperial "Tyrant" - 314-783-8325 - Four-door luxury cars from the '60s are not the norm when it comes to high-performance vehicles, but Tyler Scarfe and his crew have transformed a land-barge '66 Imperial into a high-style machine built to master the road. It's riding on a custom chassis, features a 700+ horsepower supercharged Viper V10, and sinister looks from Hermance Design. It's called ...
2013 SEMA Video Coverage: 1951 Studebaker Woodie V8TV - 314-783-8325 - Just when you think you've seen everything, someone brings a totally new idea to the SEMA show. This time, Trevor Spence interviews Curt Hill from Hill's Hot Rods about the totally custom 1951 Studebaker Woodie Fastback built in his shop. It is unreal, and was Trevor's pick of the show!
SEMA Show 2013 Video Coverage: Miss Magnaflow and 1967 Nova V8TV
We stopped at MagnaFlow to check out a sweet '67 Nova built by Greening Auto Company on display at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas. MagnaFlow also released some new exhaust parts, including custom built headers! We also got to spend a few minutes with Miss MagnaFlow, Amanda Landry!
2012 SEMA V8TV VIDEO COVERAGE - WILWOOD BRAKES - Wilwood makes brakes for race and street cars, and they continuously bring innovations to their product line. At the 2012 SEMA show, Mike Hamrick brought us up to speed on their new large diameter 1-piece rotor systems and tells us about the importance of choosing the right parts. These new kits feature radially mounted calipers for multiple adjustments, 1-piece rotor...
2012 SEMA V8TV VIDEO COVERAGE - ARP FLATHEAD FASTENERS - 314-783-8325 - ARP Fasteners manufactures some of the most trusted, highest-qulaity engine fasteners one can use, and they've just expanded their product line to offer more high-tech part kits for early flathead V8 engines.
2012 SEMA V8TV VIDEO COVERAGE - OPGI 1965 CHEVELLE SS - Original Parts Group, Inc. (OPGI) has long been a source for restoration parts form some of the favorite GM classic and Muscle Cars. At the 2012 SEMA show, Tony Genty showed us their latest restored show car, a sweet 1965 Chevelle SS convertible, which they have used to test fit and develop new parts for their extensive Chevelle reproduction parts line.
The key to building exceptional machines is having the right crew and tools to do the job. Mittler Brothers have been building high-end metalworking tools and equipment for years, but their strategy has always been to make them available to home users and pro shops alike. Here, Mike Mittler brings shows us the newly released Jamey Jordan Signature Series bead roller, a tool that was designed f...
2012 V8TV SEMA VIDEO COVERAGE - HRE RINGBROTHERS & CARBON FIBER CF2 WHEELS - 314-783-8325 - HRE wheels is a premium US made, high-performance wheel manufacturer that wowed the crowd at SEMA 2012 with four new wheel designs, including a new carbon fiber wheel, and a signature line designed in conjunction with Ringbrothers. We were there for the official unveiling!
2012 V8TV SEMA VIDEO COVERAGE - CLASSIC INDUSTRIES "OPEN AIR" 1956 CHEVROLET - 314-783-8325 - Classic Industries is a restoration parts company that knows what it is like to build cars from the parts they sell. At the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Classic Industries team brought out a 1956 Chevrolet convertible called "Open Air" built entirely with parts from their catalog!
2012 V8TV SEMA VIDEO COVERAGE - TEC9 1969 CAMARO FEATURE - 314-783-8325 - we spotted an unusual 1969 Camaro built by Mitch Henderson Designs in the JET Performance Products booth at the 2012 SEMA show. Although the car - called "Tec9" - is wearing a subtle gray paint job, the custom work and attention to detail are what make this car stand out in a crowd!
2012 SEMA V8TV VIDEO COVERAGE - HEMMINGS MUSCLE MACHINES MAGAZINE - 314-783-8325 - Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine is a great resource for muscle car enthusiasts, and this month, they are expanding their lineup with an "all modified" special issue! Traditionally, Muscle Machines spotlights significant historical muscle cars and their stories. The All Modified issue is their first edition that showcases some slick modified muscle car...
2012 SEMA V8TV VIDEO COVERAGE - HOUSE OF KOLOR DIGITAL PAINTBOOTH 3D - 314-783-8325 - The latest version of House Of Kolor's Digital Paint Booth 3D allows you to create a 3-D version of your dream project car and see how it will look, complete with realistic reflections and environments. You can easily change colors, wheels, add stripes & graphics, and the software instantly renders the image. Perhaps the best part is that you do not nee...
HRE wheels is a premium US made, high-performance wheel manufacturer that wowed the crowd at SEMA 2012 with four new wheel designs, including a new carbon fiber wheel, and a signature line designed in conjunction with Ringbrothers. We were there for the official unveiling!