1968 Chevrolet Camaro "Reloaded"


This 1968 Camaro SS 396 project has been waiting patiently to be returned to the road.  The owner bought this original California SS 396 car back in 1986 and drove it for a year, then parked it in his garage and disassembled the car.   He put the body tub on jack stands, bagged and tagged all the hardware, and there it sat... for 24 years!   Over this time, the owner finished college, grad school, got married, had a son... you know, the important stuff.    Now that those milestones have been reached, it's time to turn life's spotlight back towards the '68 Camaro.    It's been waiting patiently, and now it's time.   Plans include big block power, road-holding suspension, and a clean, classic look.   Follow the transformation of this 1968 Camaro SS nicknamed "Reloaded" here!

1968 Camaro RELOADED Selected as Lateral-G.net Feature Car!

Lateral-G Reloaded

The team at Lateral-G.net have selected the V8TV built '68 Camaro "Reloaded" as their feature car for February, 2014! Lateral-G.net is a great community dedicated to performance Muscle Cars that turn and stop as well as they go straight. We're honored to have been selected, and are exiited to share the car with the nice people at Lateral-G. If you're in to these kinds of cars, head over there and join the forum! Thanks Lateral-G!



1968 Camaro RELOADED In Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine!


Reloaded Hemmings Muscle Machines


Hemmings Muscle Machines June 2013 Check out the June, 2013, issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines Magazine for a 6-page feature on our 1968 Camaro "RELOADED!"   The Muscle Machines crew did an excellent job of telling the car's story, and you can find the issue on newsstands now.     

Click HERE to watch all the build videos and page through all the build photos of this slick '68 Camaro!

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1968 Camaro RELOADED In Rocket Racing Wheels Catalog!
The 1968 Camaro "Reloaded" is featured in the 2013 Rocket Racing Wheels catalog, and we have to say the spread looks great!   You can check out all the cool cars and wheels in the new Rocket catalog in their online version here , or check out the main catalog page to download your own .pdf version.     We think the Rocket Booster wheels really helped define the personality of Reloaded, and we're honored to be part of such a cool catalog! 
1968 Camaro RELOADED Complete Build DVD NOW AVAILABLE!

NOW AVAILABLE!   The Complete RELOADED Camaro DVD!   This full-length DVD covers the entire build of the RELOADED 1968 Camaro from start to finish.  Order yours today! 



1968 Camaro SS "Reloaded" Final Feature Video V8TV

Click For More!The 1968 Camaro "Reloaded" is on those streets, and we're quite happy with the end result. The car drives and handles better than it ever did thanks to the Detroit Speed suspension and the FAST EZ-EFI fuel injected 490 inch big block Chevy engine. The TCI 4L80E overdrive transmission shifts firmly and is programmable thanks to the EZ-TCU controller. It sounds great thanks to the MagnaFlow exhaust, and the overall look is crisp and contemporary thanks to the BASF Silver Bullet and Gunsmoke stripes. Loads of Classic Industries restoration parts make the car look new, and the Vintage Air keeps the occupants nice and cool going down the road. The Comp Thumpr cam rumbles, and the MSD Ignition   lights it off with ease. Reloaded has won awards at every show it's been to, but it ws built to be driven! Contact us at www.v8speedshop.com to find out how we can build one for you!  


Click HERE for links to the parts used to build this stunning Camaro!

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1968 Camaro "Reloaded" Final Assembly A/C, Wheels, Tires, Blue Dots, Interior Video V8TV
Click For More!We were entering the home stretch on the build of our 1968 Chevrolet Camaro called "Reloaded".   The final assembly process covers installing the dash components, such as the 1968 design gauges from New Vintage USA and the Vintage Air GEN IV air conditioning system.   The interior went in during this phase, including Eastwood Thermo-Coustic sound deadoning panels, Scat PROCAR seats, and a 3-point seat belts front & rear from Morris Classic Concepts.   The remaining interior items, ranging from the carpet, door panels, dash pad, hardware, sill plates, and rear seat covers all came from Classic Industries.   We also installed the Rocket Racing Booster wheels and Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tires.  Check out the LED blue dots hidden in the tail lights!

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Wetsanding And Buffing The 1968 Camaro "Reloaded" Video V8TV
Click For More!After the BASF  clear had hardened on our 1968 Camaro called "Reloaded" the surface looked really nice right out of the spray booth. But we were going for a mirror flat and shiny surface on this car, so the next steps were to wet sand and buff the car using the 3M Trizact system .  The final result is a car that shines like wet paint, but is glass smooth.
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1968 Camaro "Reloaded" Final Paint Video V8TV
Click For More!Now that the mechanicals in our '68 Camaro were functioning, it was time to put all the panels back on for the last time and spray paint and clear. Even though the car already had base coat, Nathan sprayed some more Glasurit 55 line "Silver Bullet" on the car, just to insure that it was completely covered. Then Nathan laid out the stripe filled up his 3M PPS cup with some "Gun Smoke" grey. Lastly, Nathan soaked the car in clear coat to leave it with a dripping wet shine.

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1968 Camaro "Reloaded" MagnaFlow Exhaust Install Video
Click For More!Now that the 490 big block for our '68 Camaro was running, it was time to install our stainless steel MagnaFlow Exhaust Kit. They make a kit that fits a stock '68 perfectly. Due to our Detroit Speed Quadralink rear suspension, we knew we would have to make some modifications to the tail pipes to fit around the reproduction stainless fuel tank from Classic Industries. Fabricator Nick Doerr made sure the exhaust was fit tight under the car and used our HTP Tig welder to finish the job.  Now we have very nice stainless steel exhaust system that looks as good as it sounds!


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1968 Camaro "Reloaded" Engine Build Part 4: First Start Video V8TV
Click For More!In this final video of our 4 part engine build series for our 1968 Camaro, "Reloaded", we're gonna take a step back and talk about the parts that make this motor run. First, We do a resistance test on our MSD plug wires. We also discuss our FAST EZ EFI System and show you just how easy it is to set up the FAST EZ-EFI ECU and EZ-TCU. And finally, we fire up this big block and the Camaro moves under its own power for the first time in 25 years!

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