SEMA 2009
SEMA 2009 - Smog Legal Engine Transplant Kit from GM E-mail
Click For More!GM Performance Parts recently unveiled the first C.A.R.B. certified, EPA Emissions legal late-model engine swap for hot rods and muscle cars.   We talked with Bill Martens about what the E-ROD kit consists of, and how GM was able to make this 430 HP LS3-based engine package be cool with Johnny Law.   The key is the completeness of the kit, which comes with everything from the engine to the catalytic converters, vapor canister, and a special calibration in the ECM.   That's right, over 20 mpg, catalytic converters for clean air, and 430 legal horsepower. 

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SEMA 2009: Baer Brakes E-mail

Click For More!High performance braking systems are always evolving, and in this video, Todd Gartshore of Baer Brakes brings us up to speed on their latest caliper designs from the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV.  Gartshore also takes some time to explain the importance of rigid caliper design and shows us how their high-tech calipers are machined.  





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SEMA 2009 Booth Babe Challenge #4! E-mail

Click For More!Enter the second 2009 SEMA V8TV Booth Babe Challenge Contest #4 Presented By Holley!    Click HERE to enter! 

Click HERE for the winner for Challenge #3!

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SEMA 2009: BeCool Radiators E-mail

Click For More!BeCool Radiators brought out a full display of cooling systems for muscle cars and racing applications.   Here, Mitch Drouillard takes us through the '55 - '57 cooling module consisting of a new aluminum core support, radiator, A/C condenser, overfill tanks, fans and more.   We also liked the direct-fit Muscle Car replacement radiators... they're aluminum, but can be had in a black finish to appear original to the car.   BeCool also showed us their new Be Coolant, a pre-mixed, high performance coolant designed to last for 7 years or 300,000 miles!  



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SEMA 2009: Stainless Steel Brakes E-mail

Click For More!   Mike Jonas showed us some trick new lightweight calipers from  Stainless Steel Brakes.   They are not only light weight, but they fit inside 14 inch wheels!  The SSBC crew also has some new c-clip eliminators designed to keep rear axles in place and prevent leaks.    Learn more by watching the video!





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