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Brett Evans wanted to build a car that does everything. It had to have dragstip guts and the ability to stick in the turns. After much thought, Brett decided on a second-generation GM F-body for the car. He located a clean 1970 Trans Am clone, which added another dimension to this project – it wasn’t your typical Chevy. Even cooler is that Brett is running a Pontiac engine to power this project. A dual purpose car with Arrowhead power – Splitter was born.

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Project "Splitter" Drag Strip Pass

Click For More!Part of our 1970 Pontiac Trans Am's dual personality is drag strip performance, and Splitter delivers on the track.    Here Brett Evans pilots the car to a 9.28 / 147 mph pass in a recent street car drag event.

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1970 Pontiac Trans Am "Splitter": First Drive
Click For More!Splitter is all back together and it was finally time to take to the streets!   Brett Evans toured us around with the 1970 Pontiac Trans Am clone through some quite backroads, but it's hard to be inconspicuous in a borderline race car!    We'll be at the track soon to get some real numbers, both at the drag strip and on the road course.  
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Splitter Lives! New Trans, Gear Vendor Overdrive
Click For More! Project "Splitter" 1970 Trans Am finally comes to life!   Brett Evans and crew install it's new Coan Turbo 400 transmission, TCI Torque Convertor, and the Gear Vendors Overdrive unit.  First drive is not far off!
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1970 Pontiac Trans Am "Splitter" Engine Pre-Install
Click For More!  The engine's been tuned, the parts are all togeher... now Brett takes us through Splitter's engine bay and the 541 Pontiac with all the accessories from March, Edelbrock, MSD, and Butler Performance all installed.   Brett also points out some tricks to install large-tube Hooker Headers on the big All Pontiac.com block.  It won't be long before the key is turned!
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1970 Trans Am "Splitter" Hydroboost Install
Click For More!  In order to compete with Project Splitter's 850 natural horspower, we need to make sure this thing stops.   In addition to Baer hardware at all four corners, a Hydroboost booster from Hydratech will provide the clamp to bring this monster to a halt, and fast!
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Dyno Testing Splitter's 541 Pontiac

Click For More!  Project Splitter's 541 cubic-inch Butler Performance Pontiac engine recently enjoyed a break-in session on the Supoerflow dyno at Young's Performance.    The results?    How's 857 horsepower, wihtout the nitrous oxide?!?


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Splitter's 541 Inch Pontiac Engine

Click For More!  We turned to the Pontiac pros at Butler Performance for insight on building Splitter's street / strip / road course engine.    This one has to do it all, so the parts need to be carefully chosen to get the job done.   David Butler takes us through the parts and explaines his choices.  


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Pontiac Performance Tips from Butler Performance

Click For More!  Certain engine builders specailize in specific brands, and for Pontiac power, Butler Performance is in the forefront.    We visited Butler to get the lowdown on the latest in hi-po parts for Pontiac V8s and to spec out a motor for project "Splitter."    Here, David Butler takes us through the shop and brings us up to speed on the latest in Pontiac performance, then shows us inside of a Pontiac 541 cubic inch V8 being used in our project "Splitter" in part 2!


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Project Splitter's New Watts Link Blog
Click For More!  Project Splitter is going to have to perform on the drag strip and the road course, so everything about the car needs to incorporate design elements from both worlds.   Splitter also has to play by the rules, and the drag-racing rulebooks say the car has to run a leaf spring rear suspension.   In this blog, Brett Evans shows us the Watts link he fabbed up to keep the rear axle centered in the corners and still be compliant with the leaf-spring mandate.  
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Project Splitter Part 3 - Roll Cage

Click For More!  Project Splitter is in the process of having the roll cage installed.    This is where the car gets ugly!   The cage is designed to be compliant to the rule books for both street legal drag racing and road racing sanctioning bodies, so it's a hybrid design meeting all the various requirements.   Next up is the rear suspension, some paint work, and the interior before building the Butler 541 Pontiac engine!




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Project Splitter Part 2 - Front Suspension & Tubs
Click For More! The transformation of Project Splitter begins with a quick mini-tub job to gain clearance for the larger rear tires, followed by a major overhaul of the front suspension.   Splitter now sits on Global West tubular upper and lower control arms, QA1 coil-over shocks and springs, Baer brakes, CCW Wheels, and Toyo Tires.  
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Project Splitter Part 1 - The Car
Click For More! Project "Splitter" begins as we find a clean 1970 Pontiac Trans-Am clone as the foundation for the multi-purpose road race / drag racer called Splitter.   Builder Brett Evans takes us through the concept of the car and the beginnings of the project.  
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