More than three decades after taping a full-page ad ripped from a 1965 car magazine above his bunk on an Alaskan crab boat, Mark Hovander is touring the country this year with the same Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang pictured on that page.

Hovander and his crosstown friend John Atzbach are big fans of the first-generation Shelby Mustang, and between them they own two of the three original prototypes. As Mustang enthusiasts across the country and around the world celebrate 50 years of their favorite pony car, Hovander and Atzbach are bringing their cars to nine different events in 2014, including this weekend’s 40th annual Mid America Ford and Shelby Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hovander’s car bears Shelby serial number SFM5S003, while Atzbach owns SFM5R002. Those numbers identify the cars as two of the three original prototypes used by Shelby American to develop the road-going and racing versions of the GT350.

“In 1980, I went up to Alaska to work on a crab fishing boat to earn some money in order to buy a 1965 GT350,” said Hovander. “Since space was limited, we were only allowed one duffel bag. I was a huge Shelby Mustang fan, so in addition to my clothes, I brought an ad for the GT350 that I had ripped out of an old Shelby American magazine.

Holley is proud to announce their sponsorship of the 9th Annual  Holley Somernites Power Cruise.  Starting at noon on the 27th of September, well over 1,500 cars will converge upon the town of Somerset, KY to cruise and hang out on the historic square and surrounding areas of the city.
The Somernites Power Cruise is an ever growing event, bringing in car enthusiasts and their treasured rides from many larger surrounding cities and from several states away.  The cruise day record for attendance currently sits at 1,843 show cars and trucks.  If you're in one of the following cities, a cruise rally will be meeting up and traveling to Somerset together:  Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, Nashville, TN, Bowling Green, KY, Chattanooga, TN and Pikeville, KY. Click on the city you'll be rallying from to see the itinerary for that city's cruise rally.  

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