Wheels and tires can make or break a car's looks and performance, and we wanted to choose our wheel and tire combination carefully. We wanted to equip our 1965 Chevelle with wheels that will look good forever, without being too trendy. We also wanted tires that offered great performance without sacrificing ride and comfort. After carefully measuring the Chevelle with a Percy's Wheel Rite tool, we selected a set of Vintage Wheel Works V40 straight-spoke wheels measuring 17x8" with 4 3/4" of backspace. These wheels are practically made for the car, with their crisp, timeless, and aggressive styling. For tires, we chose a set of BF Goodrich g-Force Super Sport A/S tires in 245/45R17 rear and 225/45R17X/L front sizes. The g-Force Super Sports offer aggressive looks, great all-season traction, and construction stiff enough to handle the autocross without sacrificing comfort.