We like to spray a test panel before painting the entire car. This way, we can see how the color reacts in different light and how the light affects the body lines and contours of the car. Our 1965 Chevelle is going to be painted in a factory BMW M series color called Estoril Blue, and we're really excited to see how it comes out. This video shows the test panel we sprayed with DuPont paint as well as a mini-review of the new Eastwood Concours HVLP spray gun. The Concours gun offers high-end features but doesn't cost more than the car did. We liked it.


This update is a quick overview on our plans to replace the quarter panels on the '65 Chevelle with some new pieces from OPGI , but we're going to use 3M Panelbond adhesive to do the job. Gluing the panels reduces the chance of warpage and corrosion, but it involves a couple special techniques.


We took the chassis from the '65 Chevelle SS parts car and blew it apart for a trip to the media blaster. V8TV shop assistant Nick Doerr took some initiative to remove the front springs with a plasma torch... while we would never recommend that anyone do this, it works...


Here's the first blog on the 1965 Chevelle project. This is a pretty decent driver to start with, but the body is not very solid. We're going to upgrade the engine, body, and suspension without taking this car off the frame...we don't have the budget or time, so this is a great example of a real-world resto.

THE REBIRTH OF THE 1965 CHVELLE SS is a full length feature documenting the entire restoration process taken by the V8TV crew to bring this timeless Chevelle back from the edge of it's life. Starting with 3 cars, the crew utilized thousands of new reproduction parts, restored originals, and today's high-tech methods and materials to transform a scrap pile into a show winner.

Follow along from disassembly, chaissis / suspension build, engine build, metal repair, body work, paint, buffing, and final assembly.   
Perhaps the best part is the surprise reveal and Gold Spinner Award at the car's first Showing!


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Our 1965 Chevelle has a 10-bolt rear axle, and while preparing the housing for some detailing and upgrades, we show you how to remove "c" clip-style axles. This is handy if you're changing gears, differentials, or upgrading to disc brakes. It's a pretty simple trick.