Our 1969 Pontiac Firebird project "Routy" is going through the early phases of its transformation, with many small detail items being checked off the list as we go. In this installment, we fix rusty bodymounts and straighten some slightly damaged supports on the subframe. Then we're repairing rust holes in the radiator core support, inner fenders, and small holes in the body. We uncovered a patch in the fender we didn't like, so we replaced it with new steel using some cool butt-welding panel clamps from Eastwood. A quick spray with Standox SprayMAX 2K Epoxy Primer keeps the part protected until the bodywork phase. This stuff is cool.. it's a Standox 2k epoxy primer in an aerosol can. That means it's got a primer and a catalyst in one container... you break the seal on the can, and the two components mix inside the can. You have to spray it out within about 1 week or it will harden in the can. It's really tough stuff that sprays great over little repair areas like this where you don't want to mix a whole gun full of material. The firewall was welded up in anticipation of a Vintage Air air conditioning unit. The subframe and front sheetmetal parts were sprayed with Eastwood Epoxy Primer and Extreme Ceramic Chassis Black paint for long lasting protection and a factory-like satin appearance. Finally, we installed some Global West Del-A-Lum bushings in the front suspension pieces. Next phase... floor and trunk floor repairs!