Sometimes the simple solution eludes you. In this case, we've been gearing up for the turbocharger install on the S71 Olds project. We've got our diesel block and new parts set aside, and we're using the original 350 engine to mock up how we want the turbo to fit in the car. We were expecting a ton of fambrication, as turbo manifolds or headers are not readily available for 1971 Olds 350 engines, and we were expecting to have to make our own. However, after studying the stock manifolds, a potential solution became apparant. From a performance standpoint, turbo cars don't seem to care if you're running headers or manifolds, the power levels are similar. And cast iron is as strong as anything when it comes to exhaust parts. We notices that the Olds manifolds had a provision for the single exhaust version cars that merges the left and right exhaust pipes together... can we use this factory style setup to build our turbo exhaust? Let's find out!