Just when you think you've got a simple solution, here comes another curve ball. We noticed that we had tight hood clearance on the GTO's L92 V8, mostly because of the truck-style high-mount alternator. We thought we could throw on a set of factory Camaro style brackets to lower the alternator, and slam the hood. Not so fast. The L92 is a Variable Valve Timing engine, which means it has an additional 3/4 inch of meat on the front of the timing cover. This area hides the cam phaser, the hardware that rotates the camshaft to provide the cool VVT action. It also means that low-mount aftermarket or F body brackets won't fit. After some research, we found that the guys at Mast Motorsports had the L92 figured out and suggested we use Camaro brackets and make some spacers... check out the fix.