Jeremiah Johnson Band Releases Bonneville Shuffle Video Produced By V8TV Productions, Inc


This is too cool! We had the awesome opportunity to help The Jeremiah Johnson Band produce a video for their latest instrumental Bonneville Shuffle! They wrote the song for an episode of Muscle Car Of The Week, and in return, we produced, directed, shot, and edited this video for the band. Of course, if features some great blues music and American fins and chrome! Thanks to The Jeremiah Johnson Band for the music, and to Ben Koopman for lots of hard work shooting and creative editing at V8TV Productions, Inc.  Go get the new Jeremiah Johnson album "Straitjacket" - you'll dig it! We sure do!
The video features Jeremiah Johnson  on guitar, Benet Schaeffer on drums with Tom Maloney on bass and Frank Bauer playing the saxophone.  Tony Anthonis acts as the dealership employee in this, offering a choice of ’57s while the band plays an instrumental with fifties beat, saxophone, and Johnson’s guitar work.  You’ll feel like you’re in a rockabilly episode of Peter Gunn watching this.  
“Bonneville Shuffle” was originally written to be background music for an episode of V8TV, a TV show that restores and modifies Classics and American Muscle Cars.  We were told they needed some music for a 57′ Bonneville, so we got to work creating this song.  In the end we liked it so much, we included the song on our debut album  STRAITJACKET,on RUF RECORDS.  The director of this video, Kevin Oeste, had some great ideas for this video that turned it into a celebration of the 57′ American Classic Automobile.  We shot the video in a old abandoned Chevy dealership and have three amazing classic cars featured, all from 1957.  57′ Bonneville, 57′ Pontiac Chieftain and a 57′ Chevrolet Belair.  We hope you enjoy the video and song as we take you back in time to 1957. — Jeremiah Johnson
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Posted by V8 Speed & Resto Shop on Friday, July 6, 2018
Take a tour of the V8 Speed & Resto Shop to see the latest Muscle Car projects.    We've always got a lot going on in the shop, and this time the projects include a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette LS3 / 6-Speed swap, a 1968 Chevelle 454 big block swap, tuning on a 1970 Chevelle with a supercharged LSA engine, metalwork on a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 and 1973 Dodge Duster 340, bodywork on a 1986 Caprice and 1978 Chevy truck, paint on a 1951 Chevy truck, finishing a complete restoration on a 1969 Camaro, and more!   
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There is always a plethora of activity at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop, and this season, black is hotter than ever.     We'll take a quick shop tour of some of the blacked out rides being worked on in the shop. 
We start off with a look at the 1951 Chevrolet pickup, which is in the final stages before going home to it's owner.    This truck has been in the owner's family since new, and came to our shop for chassis restoration, metalwork, bodywork and paint.   The engine is a 5.3 Vortech V8 backed with an automatic transmission.    You can see all the build photos at this link:  1951 Chevrolet Truck Restoration
These are not the final wheels and tires, rather the "builders" used during the restoration.    The black Axalta paint was applied by the paint shop crew at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop.   
The driver will enjoy the ride thanks to sound deadener, Vintage Air A/C, Dakota Digital gauges, a tilt steering column, and a custom upholstered seat. 
New trim from Classic Industries really stands out against the slick black paint. 
Next up is the 1971 Chevrolet C-10 pickup in the shop for an LS repowering.    The customer brought us the truck after recently purchasing it, and our team is hard at work swapping out the old 350 for a GM Performance Parts Connect & Cruise LS3 488 HP V8 and automatic overdrive transmission.   It currently runs, but the V8 crew is in the process of changing the rear gears and finishing up the engine front accessory drive system install.    Look for this swap on a future episode of V8TV!
And speaking of black trucks, this cool 1972 Ford Bronco came to visit after the owner purchased it at a recent Mecum collector car auction.     The Bronc is powered by a ford 302 V8 and was recently restored, but had a few remaining details to be ironed-out before the new owner can enjoy it with turn-key reliability.    
It's a tough looking ride on a two inch suspension lift and two inch body lift on top of that.    The black and white color combo is all business. 
The custom push bar and winch add functionality and will help the owner get out of tight spots while wheeling this Bronco.  
Inside, the Bronco has been jazzed up with leather seats and modern audio. 



We had the carb off the 302 for a rebuild, but we'll get it buttoned up, tuned, and ready for action.  




Next, we've got black, but it's not a truck.    This is a 1980 Dodge Mirada that came to the V8 Speed & Resto Shop for a complete restoration.    It's not a car that you see in restoration shops often, but our customer bought this one brand new back in 1980 and has been driving it ever since.   When he finally wore it out, he brought it to us to be brought back to better-than-new condition.  




Our team tore it down, performed numerous sheet metal repairs, rebuilt the engine and suspension, and applied the slick black Axalta paint.   It's going to be one of the nicest Miradas ever!


The Mirada was a luxury coupe from Dodge, and this one is powered by the original 318 that has been upgraded with a 4 barrel carburetor and refreshed internals.    Photo gallery:  1980 Dodge Mirada
This one is a black truck and a car all rolled up in one long, low, sleek package!  The car came to our shop after a minor engine fire, and the owner wanted us to dial-in a bunch of loose ends so he can drive it reliably and enjoy it.    Perhaps someday he'll want a new shiny paint job, but for now, he's out to put miles on it without worrying about getting it scratched up. 
The owner had the custom tonneau built, it's an all-steel 1959 Impala rear deck lid that has been extended and hinged to form a cover for the El Camino's bed.    We'll be modifying the rear wing tip trim to finish it off.  
This cool 1959 Chevrolet ElCamino is referred to as "El Caddio" by it's owner, as the power comes from a FAST fuel injected 500-inch Cadillac V8 hooked to a turbo 400 transmission with a Gear Vendor overdrive unit.  


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