Electric cooling fans are nothing new, but modern technology allows for a better way to control them.    Rather than just a simple on-off switch, which can "jolt" the electrical system of the car when the high-current fans kick on - the Derale 16796 fan controller uses Pulse Width Modulation technology to "ramp" the fans up to speed.     This system is also much quieter than a typical electric fan setup.  This video explains the process, as well as shows the installation and function of the controller.   The benefits include a variable speed fan control, a smooth start to eliminate the high-amperage spike on the electrical system, programmable on-off temperatures, 65 amp capacity, and the reduced parasitic loss of power from a belt driven fan.      The car used is a slick 1964 Ford Galaxie featuring a 468 cubic inch Ford FE V8 with dual quads and a 4-speed.   The Galaxie received a complete repaint at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop as well as this fan upgrade.
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