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LS Coil Relocation BracketsYou can’t deny their performance, but the GM LS engine platform certainly leaves a lot to be desired within the appearance category. Those eight coils positioned atop each valve cover just do not bode well under the hood of a hot rod or muscle car. 

To clean up the engine compartment, many builders consider mounting the coils elsewhere in the engine compartment, however that also requires a considerable amount of wiring to route to each coil. Painless Performance now has the answer with three different length coil extension harnesses! 

These Harnesses are available in 24”, 36” and 48” lengths and are supplied with the factory style sealed connector that plugs into the factory ECU harness and coils. Painless uses their heavy duty TXL wiring with a durable sleeve that withstands extreme underhood temperatures yet is flexible and easy to route. 

60127 LS Engine Coil 24" Extension Harness

60128 LS Engine Coil 36" Extension Harness

60129 LS Engine Coil 48" Extension Harness


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