Holley Touch Screen


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The soon to be realeased Holley EFI Digital Dash claimed the award for Best Engineered New Product at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV. The award is based on how innovative a new product is, the quality & workmanship of the product, and the overall technical achievement of the product.  

The Holley EFI Digital Dash features plug-and-play compatibility with all Holley EFI systems via a CANbus connection. The compact unit features a 7" low glare, high brightness, high contrast, full color touch screen for easy viewing, even in full sunlight. The screen provides nearly limitless customization, allowing users to choose multiple gauge and indicator types for use in a variety of motorsports applications. The Holley EFI Digital Dash also allows users to toggle through multiple active screens (tune, warm-up, race, drive, etc.) and setup user-defined alarms & configurable shift lights. It also allows on-screen playback of Holley EFI data logs and it has a digital switch panel that eliminates the need for mounting analog switches to control various aspects of the vehicle's drivetrain.

 Over the past few years, Holley Performance Products has come to the forefront of the EFI aftermarket with innovative products like their Terminator, HP, and Dominator EFI systems, as well as plug-and-play wiring harnesses for popular engines like the GM LS and Chrysler Gen III Hemis (Ford Coyote and Mod Motors coming soon). The introduction of the Holley EFI Digital Dash is the next step in the evolution of Holley's EFI product line.

For more information on the ultimate add-on for your Holley EFI system, visit the individual product page HERE. The Holley EFI Digital Dash is scheduled to be available for purchase in mid-December.