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Speedway Motors G-Comp Front Suspension Kit for ’62-’67 Chevy II

Speedway Motors G-Comp Front Suspension Kit for ’62-’67 Chevy II

Speedway Motors is bringing modern handing at an affordable price to early Nova owners with its all-new G-Comp Front Suspension Kit for ’62-’67 Chevy IIs. This performance IFS kit is a complete bolt-in front frame assembly designed around Speedway’s exclusive G-Comp spindles and engineered for optimum handling and vastly improved ride and control. It boasts a wide range of great features:  

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Kits are available for ’62-’65 and ’66-’67 Chevy II Novas and include the front frame assembly, firewall support tubes, tubular control arms, spindles, AFCO coil-over shocks, sway bar, steering rack and disc brake assembly. Additional options include a heavy-duty sway bar, adjustable shocks, a variety of brake upgrades and fender support braces. Custom-designed inner fender panels will be available soon. 

The G-Comp Front Suspension Kit for ’62-’67 Chevy IIs is one of the latest product innovations from Speedway Motors,  Call today toll free at 800.979.0122 or visit them online at