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Budnick Tungsten Wheels

Milled light 
The Tungsten made its debut at the SEMA show bolted to Tim and Carrie Strange's 1964 Corvair.  
It has since become a popular choice for resto-mods, late model Camaros and even made its way on to a few trucks. Each of the Tungsten's five larger spokes has been milled out to create not only a great look, but also significant weight reduction.  
The Tungsten is available in 17-22" diameters and widths up to 15" Of course the most difficult decision may be what finish to specify.  Available in polished, brushed, ceramic, powder, and custom painted finishes the tungsten has plenty of options.  Tim and Carrie Strange choose the brushed version shown above.  Check it out on Instagram.  Also look for a '57 Chevy sporting fully ceramic coated Titanium Tungstens on The Discovery Channel's "Welder Up".
Tungsten LBudnick Tungsten Wheels

The Tungsten L is a variant of the Tungsten that features a more open "light" look.  The thin spokes are identical to the Tungsten, while the larger scoop spokes lack the webbing featured on the Tungsten.  Its a subtle difference, but we liked both variants enough to have them in the line-up.  Trying to decide between the Tungsten and Tungsten L?  Sometimes it comes down to brakes.  Are you running big brakes and want to show more of them? Go with the Tungsten L.





Budnick Tungsten WheelsTungsten 6 

The Tungsten 6 also made it's debut at SEMA.  It was on Belltech's 2013 Silverado. Our 6 lug version of the Tungsten looks great on modern lowered sport trucks.  Why should all the good looking pro-touring style wheels be confined to 5-lugs?  
Be sure to look out for Magnuson's 2104 Silverado featuring ceramic coated Tungsten 6's.  Look for it on the Hot Rod Power Tour.





Tungsten Split-Grip Budnick Tungsten Wheels

As with many Budnik wheel designs, the Tungsten has a matching Split-Grip Steering wheel.  Forged, precision machined, hand wrapped and finished to your specifications.  Choose from polished, brushed or ceramic coated.  Available in 13.75": and 15.5" diameters.