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Automotive Artist Ed Tillrock on the V8 Radio Podcast


Drawing on years of experience to create lifelike images


Ed Tillrock is known as the "Nitro Filled Pencil" for good reason... he's got an amazing talent for creating nearly photo-realistic images with tools as simple as pencil and paper.   He's also well versed in colored pencil, oil painting, and other media, and his extensive background in architectural renderings gives him a keen eye for accurate perspective detail.   Today, Ed creates original art that he likes, as well as doing commissioned pieces for other customers and has been seen at car shows all over the country including being the featured artist at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.    Kevin and Mike had the chance to chat with Ed on this episode, and even tried to stump him with their useless automotive trivia, all on this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast!     


See more of Ed's Work Here:









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