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Cars, Experiences, Trivia, Laughs... They're All Included in Every Episode of V8 Radio!




V8 Radio's hosts Kevin Oeste and Mike Clarke cover the classic car scene from a regular car guy perspective. Topics include cool car events, goings on in the V8 Speed and Resto Shop and V8TV, and the state of their own classic car projects. Throw in a couple trivia questions and lots of unplanned banter, and you have a fun laid-back show that makes a perfect companion to your own garage adventures.


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The Best

By holden415

"The best automotive podcast out there. I really enjoy the knowledge that the hosts have. I also love that they share information on their own projects. It’s fun to listen to real car guys who don’t have unlimited budgets and still try to get the job done”


My favorite podcast!

by Frank n Terry S

Love Kevin and Mike! These guys are entertaining and genuine. Bravo. Cant wait for the next show!


Running on all cylinders

by TimmyGisAwesome

Mike and Kevin share a deep well of knowledge with their listeners when it comes to classic cars. I could see my brother playing along with their trivia questions in my head. (He would love this show!!!) It doesn't hurt that both of these guys have great, broadcast quality voices. Kevin actually sounds a lot like Nick Offerman who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Keep up the excellent work!!!


Really good show but...............     

by Henry's Son

Hi guys, I think you have an excellent program that I often listen to when working in my own shop at night, but might I make a suggestion??? Please level the volumes OR make Mike sit at least a foot away from the mic.

Problem is that with normal conversation, all is good and then Mike laughs or makes a pronouncement and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

I know it might be trivial, it becomes a real irritant after a show or two.

OK, that’s it, keep up the good work.



The knowledge as well as the genuine love of the craft brings this show to life. Very educational to someone who’s just beginning to pick up a wrench.

Kane Richard Blust 


Soooo much information.

Presentation is great!! If you like old cars, and their history this is a dont miss show. 

Thanks Kevin!

Tom Clemens


Love the trivia.

I always look forward to a new episode from Kevin and Mike. Its a show very worthy of your time.  

Enjoyable and educational
I watch the Muscle car of the Week series, V8TV, and this show makes a perfect trifecta!
I like to listen while I bang away at my project car. Thanks for a great show!

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